What wears a roof out?

  1. Exposure-A long-term exposure to elements such as: Sun, water and frozen condensation or thawed condensation, or short term exposures such as air pollutants and chemicals can and will cause a commercial roof to wear out sooner rather than later.
  2. Structural Movements-Watch out for building settlement, expansion or contraction that is not accommodated by the roofing system of the home or building you currently occupy.
  3. Biological Growth-Be on the lookout for areas containing standing water and or algae.
  4. Not Fixing Problems Promptly-Don’t let small problems become big problems. Doing so can add up to a much shorter roof life and cost you more money to fix. If you see a small issue in your commercial roof, call us immediately in order to cut down on costs.
  5. Forgetting About Maintenance-Monitor your roof at ALL times. After a heavy rain, snow, or even a period of warm days. Not paying attention is perhaps the biggest cause of premature roof failure.
  6. Change In The Use of The Building-Did you know an increase in the interior humidity of a building can cause SEVERE condensations problems to your roof? Be sure to gradually increase/decrease the temperature through your building/home. Drastic climate changes can and will have an impact on your roof.

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