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Roofing Tips

Hiring a roofing contractor? Step 1: Search for a Trustworthy Roofing Contractor Take the time to research the individual roofer’s history. There are many fly-by-night roofing contractors who are here today and gone within three years. A reliable contractor will have:...

What wears a roof out?

What wears a roof out? Exposure-A long-term exposure to elements such as: Sun, water and frozen condensation or thawed condensation, or short term exposures such as air pollutants and chemicals can and will cause a commercial roof to wear out sooner rather than later....

M.C. Kansas City, MO – Testimonial

Great Service… After the storm we were dealing with numerous ‘storm chasers’ lurking through our neighborhood. Precision Roofing offered more than reasonable services by temporarily patching a gaping hole from the storm and the service only got better.

The Precision Roofing Team

The Precision Roofing Team

The Precision Roofing Team team is dedicated to giving great service to all of our customers while installing superior products at a competitive price. For 28 years the Precision Roofing Team has established ourselves as the front runner in the commercial...